This is the desktop version of the Brave Space website:  The mobile version is forthcoming, stay tuned.  
For this website design, I worked with the owner/artist, Marguerite (who is a Canadian graphic facilitation artist) to come up with a concept that represented her work, and showcased it in a natural way.  I try not to use the 'gimmick' of horizontal sliding websites too often, but in this case, it facilitated the concept in such a way that Marguerite was immediately in love with the idea.  
The design was meant to be as sparse and simple as possible, putting the focus on her work.  
For the design, Marguerite provided some elements she had drawn out (such as her logo here) and I cleaned up or recreated them (depending) in Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop.  Other elements, like the continuous line along the bottom, and the arrows, I created myself, trying to intuit and respresent her style to create a consistent unity through the site.
Marguerite (the owner/artist) provided several illustrations such as the ones for the Offerings page here, and the Bio, and Contact pages.  A webfont that matched her style was chosen to use for the headlines and menu.
The gallery was meant to be small, light on it's feet, and compact.
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