The Cape Breton Dragon Boat Festival decided to get a mascot, and once they showed me the costume they were considering purchasing, they wanted me to create a cartoon rendering of the mascot to use for promotions, printed materials, and web.  
Thisis the final initial rendering of "Ruby" the dragon, the official mascot of the Cape Breton Dragon Boat Festival.
One of the first things that the CBDBF wanted to do was to run a contest to let the public decide the name of the new mascot.  They wanted families to be inclined to participate, particularly kids, so they had me create a colouring page in the winter months preceding the festival (hence the mittens and scarf).
We also created postcard mailouts that doubled as both a Christmas Greeting to all past participants, as well as a prompt to participate in the mascot-naming contest.
We also used the rendering for a quick valentine card.  I also wrote the corny copy for this card.
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