A newly formed group called The Halifax Strategic Urban Partnership came to me looking for a quick turnaround on a logo and a one-page website.  You can see the logo in a separate project page here, but here you'll find the background art I created for the website.  
The website concept was a one-page multidirectional scroller, meant to act as a fun tide-over until there was time for them to develop a proper website internally.  I'll try to post the screenshots of the website soon, but basically the idea is that you could zip all over this giant image, and far up into the sky.  I used a CSS gradient for the sky - transitioning from the light blue here, right up to space - basically black - with blues inbetween.  This entire graphic was able to be an SVG, making it all very light on it's feet.  
Below you'll see snippets of the piece as well as a thumbnail of the entire piece - in the end if printed it would be 7ft x 1ft!
Small section of full piece.
A small view of the full piece.  Printed it would measure 7ft x 1ft!
Another small section of full piece.
Another small section of full piece.
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