The Halifax Strategic Urban Partnership asked me to design a logo for them in a hurry, and I was able to quickly turnaround a simple logo that properly represented this new found partnership.  
Below you can see the final log as well as some sketch sheets that were sent to the client for review.
This is the final logo design.
After doing my pencil sketches in the my sketchpad, I rendered a few of the ideas with variations and sent them along to the client. For these mockups I just chose a sans serif typeface in order to facilitate the ideas.
For the typeface selection, sans serif was the immediate choice we arrived at even in our initial conversations, so I put together a few key sans serif typefaces for them to choose from.  We wanted to convey "modern" and "clean" but also somewhat stoic vs playful.  For example, look at the "S" in Avenir vs Helvetica.
Finally, once the concept and typeface were chosen, I then whipped up a few more variations on that concept.
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