This was a massive project, and very rewarding one.  While I was Creative Strategist at Impact Communications, we were tasked by the Jane Goodall Institute to create a bold, dynamic, engaging presentation, to be given to youth all across the country (Canada) by the staff at the JGI.  We decided to use as the presentation platform for it's stylish nature, and also to facilitate the concept easily. 
Unfortunately I cannot provide a link to the actual Prezi, as it is the property of the client, but below you can see various screenshots from the actual prezi.
Here is the full piece in poster form.  Printed it measures 4 feet square. The project was originally intended as a Prezi with no words on it, so that the presenter would read a script as they clicked through the visuals, but we thought it would be nice to have a giant poster version of the piece to hang on the wall as well. 
For this project I worked very closely with the Brand and Communications Strategist at Impact. She was responsible for shaping the language of the story and the drafting of the final script. We brainstormed the concepts together, and I sketched things out roughly while we tried to craft the overall place.  At a certain point I thought it would be interesting to lay the whole thing out over the body of a stylized monkey. 
Part of the concept for this piece was to utlilize the body of the chimp as part of the different sections of the story.
Stylistically, I thought I decided to explore the idea of almost "ghost-like" blocky figures and images, using overlay and opacity to create the look. 
The piece is essentially a gigantic infographic, and you can see here another example of utilizing the chimps body as a way to communicate that information.
As you travel through the piece, you are zoomed in on specific areas, and the fact that all of this is on the body of a chimp is not revealed until the very end.
In the end the client not only delivered the presentation successfully on it's trial run, but everyone at the institute was so blown away by the dynamic nature of the presentation as well as the engaging story we created, that they felt it made all of their other materials pale in comparison.  We gladly took this compliment!
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