Last Words is a collaboration between myself (art, design, illustrations) and Julia Kinsman (writing, character backgrounds).  
Julia and I brainstorm all the ideas and scenarios together, she writes the character backgrounds and text on the comic, as well as the supplemental pieces (which are available from subscribing to the newsletter at  I do all the illustrations, art and design for materials including print pieces and web pieces.
Below you can find a few examples of some of the comics, art, and a few samples of some special projects (like "The 26 Terrible Toys of Christmas" and "The 11 Eccentric Eggs of Easter").  Additionally you can see sneak peeks of a few of the exclusive mailing list pieces!
Not every webcomic decides to "brand" themselves beyond the look and feel of their comic, but we felt as though we wanted a logo or icon to represent our comic.  
I had already clearly established a very particular look for our comic, and on top of that we already had a very particular "language" that we used within the world of Last Words.  We discussed these points more indepth trying to really get to the core of what Last Words was all about.
Eventually it occured to me to create a simple icon of a speech balloon in black with a white cartoony skull inside.  The black of the balloon is the inverse of the usual white speech balloon, and represents the dark and morbid nature of the comic.  As well, the skull is simple, iconic, and cartoony, creating a juxtaposition that is present in most of our comics - a terrible situation that has some elements of "cuteness" to it.  Add to that the distressing of the overall logo to match the rough, textured style of the comic.  In the end we felt that this logo perfectly and simply represented what our comic is all about. 
Final version of the logo in stacked form.
Final version - horizontal.
Icon created for social media, with custom wallpaper texture behind.
An older social media icon, before we had created our logo.
Another older social media icon, promoting the website.
One of many Facebook cover photos we created for promotional purposes.
Another of many Facebook cover photos we created for promotional purposes.
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